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Millennium Bug Live 2018​-​2021

by Giant Claw

Soft Target 03:54
Loner Bug 03:09
Earther 05:59




Millenium Bug Live 2018-2021 (GEN047) by GIANT CLAW presents an ensemble of living pieces, performance re-imaginings explicitly reframing these works as systems of possibilities and interpretations. Haptic, gestural, tense, constantly on the verge of transformation, these selected renditions reveal themselves not just as linearly sequenced polished constructions but as fluid textural zones to traverse freely, colorful scenes to zoom in and scope out of. Still, their presentation is no less lucid, precise or meticulous than the studio cuts, but offer clarification and new perception through staging them explicitly, resulting in a sound realm that is even more plastic, alive and in-your-face.

// Keith Rankin about the album
“Millennium Bug is a selection of live recordings from various performances I’ve done between 2018 to 2021. For my live setup I take apart tracks I’ve made on the computer, chopping them into miniature wav files and one-shots that can form new arrangements when loaded onto my Roland SPD-SX drum pad sampler. Most of the songs on Millennium Bug come from my albums ‘Soft Channel’ and ‘Mirror Guide’ except “Loner Bug” “Soft Target” and “Drops of Primed Water Leading to Another World” which are non-album pieces.
I’ve always loved the actual act of performing music, but everything else surrounding IRL live shows has been a source of anxiety in my life since I was a teen. I used to perform constantly, almost masochistically trying to “face the fear” - but it never really went away, and it took a long time to accept that living the life of a touring musician wasn’t something I would be happy doing. Online streaming or pre-recorded events, especially in the past few years, have provided an outlet to perform without that anxiety, so I wanted to capture the period of time with a live album.”

// Dave Shen about the album art
“After listening to Keith's demo, it gives me an immersive feeling. I feel that it is endowed with a strong "destructive power". This "power" provides a lot of inspiration for my cover creation. Behind this cover is actually a simple story, and I want this album to tell this story by itself. In this story, I refer to the monster "Taotie", which can devour everything, from the ancient Chinese book "Shan Hai Ching". I let it act as a destroyer and devour everything around it. In the process of constructing this story, I want to express is not only the act of destruction. Order and destruction exist like Yin and Yang of Tai Chi. They are balanced. In short, the inspiration for all this creation was born in the demo, which promoted the visual creation of this album.”


released October 10, 2021

Music by Keith Rankin

Visual art by Dave Shen

Tape photos by Lenka Glisníková

Released by Genot Centre


all rights reserved



Giant Claw Columbus, Ohio

Musician and visual artist Keith Rankin.

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